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Prepare 4 VC Accelerator

This is a 12 week program with sessions taught by our expert advisors, assignments and resources built into every week. This course is designed for internal growth to be in a better position to fundraise, lead your team and scale your ventures forward.

Welcome to the application for the Prepare 4 VC accelerator cohort! This equity-free paid accelerator program brings together a cohort of passionate founders ready to thrive in their own ventures while helping others in their group succeed. Our team brings expertise as venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, and executive coaches here to assist you as you level up your startup.


Some topics we will cover:

– Presenting your idea and elevator pitches

– Defining customers and market fit

– Identifying and learning from competition

– Understanding the market size

– Identifying business models… AND More!

We have two demo days built into the program and each week contains a syllabus, ongoing chat with for feedback with your cohort, mentors and advisors, and two live sessions: an educational session and a sandbox/interactive lesson.

Please complete all questions, we will dig deeper during the curriculum on market sizing, competitive analysis, and other questions below and this will give our team a baseline to start. Most importantly, we are excited to review your application and learn about your company. All startups can expect to receive feedback on next steps within 5-7 business days.

Application Submission

Thanks for submitting!

Our Trusted Mentors and Partners


We have teamed up with top experts and resources to provide the optimal growth experience for all of our founders throughout the program

$35M+ Client Funding

Global Ecosystem Hub reaching 40+ Countries

"We received resources, knowledge & network from P4vc... Many doors have since been opened for us." 

- Natalie Gil @ DARSHANA

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