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You are your most important asset in your startup venture, we enhance human dynamics to achieve greatness

Successful innovation communities thrive because of the resilience, creativity, and know-how of Founders. Prepare4VC is an expert-led accelerant of know-how that helps early-stage businesses with world-changing ideas succeed faster,  If an early-stage business is struggling with what they know or who they know, then I highly recommend they make Prepare4VC their next place to go.

Puck Fernsten

Puck Fernsten

Gooru Global

The Prepare 4 VC  community of entrepreneurs and experts is a vibrant Oasis of warmth, sharing, fun and learning. As a partner (specializing in cash flow evaluation), we have enjoyed and been enriched by the broad & generous knowledge of fellow experts across industries and specializations. There is always something exciting around the corner … so this is definitely the place to be!

Yvette Lim

Yvette Lim

Biz Lab

Prepare 4 VC is the place where you recuperate, reenergize and reignite the fire in your belly to keep going. The P4VC team have always had a give-first approach and they give with their network, innovation and time! They lead with empathy and have been a constant source of inspiration and motivation throughout my entrepreneurial journey.

Mariam Nusrat

Mariam Nusrat


Prepare 4 VC has been valuable beyond the BootCamp experience. The team, Chris, Jason, and Steve, has been supportive over the past year since Baru's graduation from the program. They've each presented business and funding opportunities and introductions that would have never crossed my radar were they not already on the lookout for me.

Tino Go

Tino Go


There are few moments in the life of an entrepreneur where one looks back to see a decision that changed the course of their startup's journey, for me it was to join the Prepare4VC community. The support and encouragement that early on in an entrepreneur's life is truly the spark that's needed to power through the challenges that lay ahead. 

Akhil Suresh Nair

Akhil Suresh Nair


I received great resources, knowledge and network from the Prepare 4 VC team. Coming into the program, Darshana was figuring out many things in terms of product and services. After our participation in the cohort program, we continued our relationship with partnerships. Many doors have since been opened for us.

Natalie Gil

Natalie Gil


Serving Founders Since


The team jokes that the company started as "Jason-as-a-service" with founder Jason Kraus utilizing his venture capital and startup experience to guide emerging founders through their fundraising journey.

Cohort programs since


Our major growth moment occurred when we leaned into the benefits of working with a group of ventures that can learn and grow from shared experiences together while they benefit from the advice and expertise of our team, mentors and investors interacting with them throughout the program.

Mentor Team


Mentors and facilitators from a diverse set of entrepreneurial backgrounds and expertise supporting our ventures in achieving their breakthrough moments.

Investor Network


Investors ranging from individual Angels and Angel Groups to principals and partners from Venture Funds connecting directly and through demo day events with our portfolio of startups.

Capital Raised by Portfolio


Startups in our cohort and consulting programs have raised more than 40M in capital to accelerate their ventures

Entrepreneurial Community


Prepare 4 VC is a proud host, co-organizer and partner of startup communities like Boston New Technology and Startup Grind Boston reaching 70K entrepreneurs.

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