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Client and Cohort Portfolio


EasyKnock offers innovative residential sale-leaseback solutions, allowing homeowners to convert their home equity into cash without moving out. Their programs, including Sell & Stay and MoveAbility, provide flexible financial options without the constraints of credit scores or debt-to-income ratios. Homeowners can stay as renters and retain appreciation rights, providing financial freedom and stability. EasyKnock's streamlined process ensures quick transactions, helping clients achieve their financial goals efficiently.

Canela Media

Canela Media is a private, active digital media company founded in 2019, specializing in connecting multicultural audiences through Canela.TV, a streaming service offering Latino-focused movies and TV entertainment on various platforms. It reaches Hispanics across premium sites and an influencer database, operating within the Media & Entertainment sector, including movies and television streaming services​​.

DIBS Capital

DIBS is creating a vast multi-broker network to facilitate a market for the sale of secondary shares of private companies


RevivBio is a biotechnology company focused on designing superior proteins with enhanced efficiency and success, inspired by nature and engineered with intelligent design. The company's mission is to advance the field of protein engineering, providing innovative solutions for various applications in health and science.

Xena Intelligence

Xena Intelligence is a cutting-edge AI-driven platform designed to optimize Amazon product listings and boost sales. The platform offers advanced tools for keyword optimization, competitive analysis, and data-driven decision-making, enabling businesses to enhance product visibility and increase revenue.


REINNO is a financial technology company which offers real estate tokenization and lending services that bring unprecedented leverage and liquidity to investors. Our offering allows using tokenized real estate as loan collateral and provides a paperless, hustle-free and quick access to cash.


NightRide is a leading provider of vehicle-mounted thermal cameras designed for professional, commercial, and consumer use. Their advanced thermal camera systems enhance visibility in low-light and adverse weather conditions, offering superior situational awareness and safety.

Last Minute

LastMinute is an AI-driven platform designed to optimize healthcare workforce management. The platform automates internal staffing processes, providing features such as smart scheduling, predictive call-outs, professional matching, and real-time communication.


LUHU is a social networking platform that transforms and expands sharing. Aquired by Kanoo Pays- Kanoo is a digital wallet and financial services platform designed to simplify money transfers, bill payments, and purchases.

Omega Benefit Strategies

Omega Benefit Strategies provides administrative services in payroll and insurance to the corporate and public sectors.


Darshana is a cutting-edge platform utilizing blockchain technology to verify work experience and enhance the hiring process. By offering a sovereign work identity protocol, Darshana allows individuals to manage and verify their work credentials securely.


Baru is a gig platform and marketplace for underused manufacturing machines. We sell cabinet products and pay other folks to make them. Think Uber, but for machine capacity.

Whooz Cooking

WhoozCooking is a dynamic social platform that connects people through their shared love of cooking. It enables users to create and join cooking events, share recipes, and discover culinary experiences within their community.

Coils to Locs

Coils to Locs provides high-quality synthetic wigs specifically designed for Black women experiencing hair loss due to medical or non-medical reasons. Offering a range of coily, curly wigs, Coils to Locs ensures that women have access to wigs that resemble their natural hair textures.

Metascript MD

Proprietary AI Algorithm that automates the backend processes of the doctor/patient experience, incorporating AI eligibility gathering, pre-authorization and automated claim submission for insurance companies.

Pro GM Finder

The vision for is to become the central community for TTRPG gamers. We seek to create the marketplace to find the experience you want while creating the tools to elevate that experience and grow the industry.


InVastor is a social eCommerce marketplace that offers household goods.

Peer Brands

Book Commercial Kitchens, Event Venues, Office Space, Meeting Space and much more!

Aurum Networks

Aurum Networks is a digital strategy consultancy that specializes in connecting brands with their audiences through cultural curation and communication. Focusing on creative and global lifestyle brands, Aurum Networks offers services in strategy development, branded media, content licensing, and experiential marketing.


FoundAItion is a comprehensive AI solutions provider offering services in chatbot development, AI security assessment, advanced prompt engineering, and staff education. The company specializes in creating custom AI systems that enhance customer engagement, improve operational efficiency, and ensure data security.

Creative Creation

Creative Creation is a trusted digital agency specializing in web design, app development, and brand creation. With expertise in design, marketing, and consultancy, Creative Creation helps businesses grow by delivering tailored digital solutions.

East Hampton Shucker

A cutting-edge oyster-opening system that offers a faster, safer, and more efficient method for shucking oysters

Mindful Metrics

Mindful Metrics is dedicated to empowering children with mental health issues by integrating data with a collaborative care team approach. The platform supports kids, families, and healthcare providers to help children reach their highest potential.

Support Community

SupportCommunity is a comprehensive mobile app platform designed specifically for nonprofit organizations. It offers a suite of engagement tools aimed at enhancing operations, family services, volunteer management, and development efforts within these organizations. By providing a singular, user-friendly platform, SupportCommunity empowers nonprofits to streamline their processes and foster stronger connections among volunteers, beneficiaries, and supporters, thereby amplifying their impact on the communities they serve​


Elevons.Design specializes in creative technology applications, offering services in metaverse development, architectural visualization (Archviz), parametric design, and 3D printing for medical and educational purposes. The company partners with various industries to deliver innovative solutions, such as custom VR experiences, detailed 3D models, and bespoke design projects.


Renavest is a comprehensive financial platform designed to guide individuals towards financial freedom. By connecting users with a community of experts and thought leaders, Renavest offers personalized advice, educational resources, and strategic insights.

Gooru Global

Gooru Global designs and manufactures innovative baby products that enhance parent-child interactions and support child development. Their flagship product, the Gooru Mirror, enables face-to-face communication between parents and babies in strollers and cribs, promoting cognitive and social growth.

Arro Social

Arro is a pioneering social media platform integrated with blockchain technology to provide users with a borderless currency and a fairer social networking experience. By focusing on content sharing, community building, and earning crypto, Arro empowers users to regain control and ownership of their social media content while monetizing their engagement.

The AO Planner

The AO Planner offers a versatile, fillable planner designed specifically for Administrative Professionals supporting C-Suite Executives. This innovative 4-in-1 planner integrates month-at-a-glance, week-at-a-glance, daily scheduling, meeting notes, and brainstorming sections to enhance organizational efficiency.


ArtSmiley is a multi-sided community platform connecting artists, art lovers, and art collectors. They offer a diverse marketplace where contemporary art from various artists around the world is available for purchase. Their platform caters to a wide audience, providing art leasing services and bespoke art consultancy for both residential and commercial spaces.

EOS Labs

EOS Labs is a leading energy efficiency consulting firm specializing in designing and operating energy-efficient and resilient buildings. Serving clients across the USA and Canada, EOS Labs offers a range of services including sustainability design, energy modeling and optimization, LEED and ENERGY STAR certifications, and energy monitoring software.


OHealth is a comprehensive digital health platform aimed at revolutionizing healthcare in Nigeria. The platform offers a range of services, including telemedicine consultations, pharmacy deliveries, and lab test bookings.


Mizaru is an innovative online platform dedicated to enhancing accessibility and support for individuals with disabilities. Specializing in connecting businesses and organizations with disability support workers, Mizaru streamlines the process of finding, hiring, and managing services such as communication facilitation, sign language interpretation, and other essential support roles.


FanBettor specializes in providing a platform for social sports betting contests, catering to a wide range of sports enthusiasts. The company offers a unique blend of sportsbook-style prediction contests that are designed to be fun and engaging for users.


Lystloc is a Real Time Field Workforce Productivity SaaS product company


Hobi is a versatile platform designed to help individuals turn their hobbies into therapeutic activities. It connects users with sessions for various interests like fitness, art, mental wellness, and more. Hobi also offers support groups and mentorship, fostering community and personal growth. By curating resources, live classes, and mentor matches, Hobi aims to make learning new skills and engaging in hobbies accessible and enjoyable.

Sierra High Farms

A technological pioneer in Cannabis Cultivation positioned to be an industry disrupter


Phaction is an innovative social media platform designed for individuals and community leaders to manage and understand all aspects of philanthropy and positive impact. By providing tools and resources to control and master philanthropic efforts, Phaction aims to revolutionize the way people engage with charitable activities and drive meaningful change in their communities.

Seascape Aquatech

Automated shellfish farms | Improving yields and yield quality, while drastically reducing production costs.

Aloha Laundry Life

Aloha Laundry Life is a network of professional laundry service providers dedicated to making laundry day a breeze. Offering convenient pick-up, professional cleaning, and delivery services, Aloha Laundry Life ensures your clothes are treated with care and returned fresh and clean.


GSoftApp is a modern low-code/no-code software development platform designed to streamline the creation of highly dynamic, customizable, and scalable business solutions.

Huddle Up Learning

Huddle Up Learning is an innovative platform dedicated to enhancing student engagement and learning outcomes through gamification. By integrating interactive challenges, rewards, and collaboration into the educational process, Huddle Up Learning transforms traditional learning environments into dynamic, fun, and motivating experiences.


SEMBE is a seamless and convenient platform that connects dry cleaners, laundromats, delivery services, and customers through a user-friendly app. The app allows users to request laundry pick-up and delivery, schedule services, and make secure payments, eliminating the need for manual invoicing or cash transactions.

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