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Afraid to deliver bad news to your customer?

A close friend of mine, Terry Scanlan – Director, Strategic Initiatives for Messer Americas recently did a great job summarizing how these nerve wracking conversations can actually enhance your customer relationship:

Explain the impact

“It is important to share bad news when it impacts the customer even when it (the issue) is out of your control. If outside your organization’s control, communicating the issues without assuming blame builds trust.” 

Offer solutions

“If you go the next step and explain the impact plus offer some solutions, you are becoming a resource.” 

“If the issue is out of your control but your organization’s cause, you have a responsibility to communicate accurate information in a timely manner, otherwise you are a commodity.”

You can see from what Terry shared, it is worth fighting thru the normal anxiety of sharing bad news with a customer.  Another great way to separate yourself from competitors!


Marc Kitz, Sales Coach 



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