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Boston’s Best Coffee Meeting Locations

Coffee meetings can provide the perfect atmosphere for small meetings in a relaxed environment, but location is key. You want to make sure the atmosphere is welcoming and it does not feel like you are being rushed to leave. At the same time the music or talking inside cannot be too loud as you have to carry on a conversation. And seating is of course a must have as well, preferably small tables with chairs for a greater feeling of privacy than at a shared table or counter-top. In a major city, the location chosen should either be accessible by train or T (that’s the metro/subway for those outside Boston), have parking nearby or be close to your clients’ location. And of course, the selection of coffee or tea is very important as well. After having many coffee meetings in and around Boston, I’d like to share a few of my favorite meeting spots.

1. The Thinking Cup- 85 Newbury Street, Back Bay, Boston

2. Sip Cafe- Zero Post Office Square, Financial District, Boston

3. Starbucks- 125 Summer Street, Financial District, Boston


4. French Press Bakery & Cafe, Needham, MA

French Press

Located in Needham, MA just outside Boston, this location is the perfect middle ground for meetings with someone coming from west of Boston. There is plenty of street parking and a noticeable lack of Boston traffic. The French Press Bakery & Cafe has an elegant atmosphere, with quality coffee, teas and pastries to choose from. The seating is more casual with either a long shared table or the coffee bar by the window, but either option provides a pleasant space for your meeting. And by selecting this sweetspot outside the city, you will be sure to impress your guess with the great location you “happened to come across” (thanks in advance for the mention of my blog!).

5. Bourbon Coffee, Cambridge, MA

Bourbon Coffee

Located near Porter Square (Red Line), this is the perfect spot for all of your coffee meetings in Cambridge. The space is luxurious with plenty of comfortable seating and resembles more of a restaurant than a cafe. The coffee selection is both delicious and has an amazing story behind it: “Bourbon Coffee opened in Rwanda in 2007, with the goal of bringing profits back to the hands of the coffee farmers and their families in Rwanda. Since then, we have grown to eight locations across Kigali and the USA as we strive to bring the stories of the coffee farmers and the history of Rwanda to an international audience.” Come in for your next business meeting and experience Bourbon Coffee firsthand.

Want to experience one of these places for yourself and discuss your startup company and how Prepare 4 VC can help? Contact us to schedule a meeting.

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