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Double your effort this summer!

Updated: Jul 31, 2023

Why double your effort this summer

During a normal year people are on vacation for some portion of the summer, including your competition. The translation could be MORE opportunities for your business…why?

Competitors may assume customers are on vacation

Many sales reps assume that customers are on vacation (and may not want to be bothered) so they relax their sales efforts. They are thinking “I will pickup my efforts when they return in September.” Even if 20% of your competitors are less assertive during the summer, this opens the door for you!

Develop a plan NOW!

Figure out the following NOW, so you can spring into action ASAP:

  • Customers and partners you want to target this summer

  • How you want to approach them

  • Help you will need (from your company and internal coaches at customers)

  • When you will start

Hard work now will pay off in September

People are generally in a better mood in the summer…so it is a great time to open new working relationships and further develop existing ones. Investing time and energy now will reveal new opportunities and have you ahead of your competition in September!

Questions? Feel free to contact me!

Marc Kitz, Sales Coach


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