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Feel like you are “flying blind” in client meetings?

Updated: Jul 5

Have you been in meetings with potential clients and said to yourself “I feel like I am guessing” or “I wish I had X information before the meeting”?  I know I have.  Eliminating that feeling of “flying blind” is closer than you might think…

Leverage your focal point from the client for insight

There is always someone from the client you have worked with to orchestrate/coordinate/schedule the meeting with.  They can be a great source of critical information you want BEFORE the meeting including:

  • Attendees and their roles

  • How to structure the meeting (e.g. flow of agenda, time for Q&A)

  • How to present your solution (e.g. verbal, whiteboard, slides)

  • Interest level of each attendee

  • Questions, concerns likely from attendees

  • Attendees’ experience with similar solutions in past

What role will your focal point play during/after the meeting?

A couple of key questions:

  • Will your focal point actively help you during the meeting in, for example, illustrating how your solution provides value…OR…do they prefer to be more in the background?

  • Is your focal point ok to meet with you AFTER the meeting to debrief, plan next steps?

Turn your focal point into an “internal coach”

Most of the time your focal point for meetings has an interest in your succeeding.  Meetings they set up are a reflection on them.  Use your curiosity to tap into their desire for meeting to go well.

Taking this approach can turn your focal point into an "internal coach".  The more you get this kind of insight/guidance before meetings, the more confident you will feel during the client meeting!


Marc Kitz, Sales Coach 


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