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Keeping competitors out

Updated: Jul 31, 2023


How you communicate with your contacts is the key!


You have worked hard to develop working relationships and get business the fun begins. Assume competitors are trying to displace you. How you can work with your contacts to keep them out...

Keep them informed

Client contacts that know your company and the value you provide may need to defend that value from competitors that approach them or other contacts. It is critical to keep your contacts informed on activity, progress, challenges and assistance you may need.

Information you want to share with your contacts can include (may vary depending on what you are selling):

  • Open orders and status

  • Implementation status

  • New projects

  • Issues requiring attention

  • Others?

Keep customers informed

Make it easy for them to access the information!

Your contacts are likely asked by others (many times their management) for updates. It is stressful for your contacts to have to track you down for an update...potentially making your company appear to be hard to do business with. Eliminate the stress by making it easy for your contacts to access the information they need. Here is a great example...

Pat Kennedy, CEO - Monolith Consulting (helping organizations thru their Digital Transformations), provides clients updates by sharing a link they can access any time. Awesome!

Decide what clients you want to do this for and watch the positive results!

Marc Kitz, Sales Coach


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