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The Buteyko Technique: Resilience + Adaptability

How To - Lesson #2:

The Buteyko Breathing Technique...

was developed in the 1950’s by Russian medical scientist Dr. Konstantin Buteyko, to help return overactive breathing to a normalized level, as a majority of people fall into the category of chronic hyperventilation (aka chronic over breathing) due to increasing stress in our daily lives.

Normal breathing frequency (at rest) for healthy individuals is 8-12 breaths per minute, whereas many people breath as much as 25 breaths per minute while at rest. This habitual over breathing causes unnoticed long-term issues by disrupting the oxygen / carbon dioxide balance in the body.

When done correctly, The Buteyko Breathing Technique activates the parasympathetic nervous system and lowers stress response levels, as well as:

  • Lowers blood pressure

  • Increases resilience of the immune system

  • Increases oxygenation in tissues & organs including the brain

In this lesson you'll learn:

  • What the Buteyko Breathing Technique is...

  • The benefits of the Buteyko Breathing Technique

  • How to begin practice of the Buteyko Breathing Technique

DISCLAIMER: It is critical to always consult your primary care physician prior to participating in any activity that puts stress (of any level) on your body, mind + spirit. This breathing exercise, and any breathing exercise in this series should only be attempted by healthy individuals with no preexisting and/or current physical or mental health conditions. This breathing demonstration is for recreational purposes only and should not be considered for anything other than recreational activity.

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