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The Startup Oasis Journal

The past few weeks have been replete with conversations held with remarkable individuals, and these conversations are part of why I find real joy in my role at Prepare 4 VC.

I hope that by pointing out these stars to my network, scattered as they are throughout the startup world, readers will have an opportunity to discover more about them. That is the spark I'd like to ignite this Sunday.

Dianne A. and Pamela Shaddock from Coils to Locs met with the team and I on Monday, and shared their story with Jason Kraus and Christopher R. Dube. Two courageous pathfinders on an impact-driven expedition--- it is our honour to support them going into 2023.

I also reconnected with Temitope Farombi MD. Great progress is being made by Online Health Company (Ohealth). Thanks to Dr. Priscilla Schelp I was also introduced to and had my first talk with Dr. Anna-Elisa Göke, M.Sc., M.A. We spoke about the value of helping others.

It was fitting then when we discussed new events and collaborations with Jeff Erickson later in the week, with informative experiences on the way from Forecastr and Carta.

As per usual the wise counsels of Trish Martinelli📍Holly Burrow, Sunny Shuoyang Zhang, PhD, Marisa Nieves, Erika Haskins and Joanna Kurylo have led to great ideas brewing for the near future.

The examples of excellent founders, including Alisha Overton from The AO Planner Company, Apolline Deroche from Cappella, James Wilson from reUser, Ivan Tan from Sgnal, Jason Yah from Shipp, Dominika Glueck from birdbill and Diana Muturia from Clyn are steadily venturing forward with some extremely interesting companies.

Lastly, conductors and creators of impactful opportunities --- Shirly Kolet who is setting out to be an ecosystem builder similar to Mary Haim and others activating clusters of startup potential, and Elena Itskovich, PhD and Nest Catalyst empowering science founders --- inspired me greatly with their ingenuity and ability to bring great minds together with enthusiasm.

Tomorrow is a brand new week...and one only knows what other adventures lay in store. Take care everyone. Let's venture forward.

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