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When should you share pricing?

At what point during a meeting with a potential client should you share pricing? Listening and learning will provide the guidance you need...

Too early?

Have you shared pricing in a client meeting and got a negative reaction? It is likely that the client does not yet see the value of your solution.

What you need to know first

Once you have some critical information including the following, you will be better prepared to “position” the value your solution provides...

  • Challenges the client is facing

  • Goals they are trying to achieve

  • What solution(s) they have tried before and how it went

  • How resolving the challenge or achieving the goal impacts their business

Pricing is relative to value

Part of what you are trying to do is get the client to compare your pricing to the value your solution creates instead of comparing your pricing to a competitor. For example, if the client has a $500,000 “gain” by achieving the goal they have in mind and your solution costs $5, does that sound?

Plan and be patient

Plan some of the questions you want to ask, be patient and you will find yourself better positioned to close more deals!

Marc Kitz, Sales Coach


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