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Who is your competition?

Competitors can come in all shapes and sizes.  Large opportunities you pursue may attract a variety of competitors and a larger number of them than you are used to seeing.  Some ways you can think about different kinds of competitors:

  • Companies like yours in terms of...

  • Geographic coverage

  • Depth of resources

  • Experience with solutions

  • Companies that have some of your capabilities...

  • Do they focus on specific cities?

  • Are their resources specialized in certain areas (deeper than yours?)

  • Do they have more experience in areas of specialization?

  • Indirect competitors

  • Subcontractor to some of the above competitors 

  • Doing nothing

  • Customers considering continuing with their current approach can be a huge challenge…do NOT underestimate this “competitor”.

  • Great qualifying question…What happens if nothing changes?

Better understanding your competition can inform your strategy and minimize surprises!


Marc Kitz, Sales Coach 



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