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Get 10 Free Sends of DocuSign eSignature.

Free trial program

Amazon Web Services

Whether you're looking for compute power, database storage, content delivery, or other functionality, AWS has the services to help you build sophisticated applications with increased flexibility, scalability and reliability

$5,000 in AWS Activate Credits valid for 2 years


Keep doing what you love, and leave your social media to our team of experts

Every package includes a free subscription to Social5 University


Raise up to $5M each year, every year through our funding portal, StartEngine Capital

Priority review for equity crowdfunding campaign eligibility

Patent Hacks

Patent Hacks® is a patent education company that teaches you how to validate, prepare, & file your own patent applications with our Learning Center platform.

10% Discount on monthly or annual packages


Simplify your startup finances and take control of your growth with corporate cards, founder friendly rewards, banking, spend management and financial modeling — all in one place for free. Prepare 4 VC portfolio companies & referrals receive: 30,000 Brex points ($300) after spending $1,000 on their Brex card, $200 in Pry credits, $5,000 in AWS credits, along with $150K in partner discounts.

Prepare 4 VC and Brex have strategically partnered to give you a special offer.


Peachscore is the world's first credit score for startups; a new standard to connect the global startup ecosystem.

20% off on Gold Membership


Doodle is the fastest and easiest way to schedule anything — from meetings to the next great collaboration.

Free year of Doodle Enterprise Subscription


Allo is a team management platform that not only helps team leaders set goals and see progress, but also allows team members to work more closely with their colleagues and understand how their efforts contribute to collective success. 

6 Months of Free Access

Free data intelligence and investor connections through Venture Pole platform with referral code P4VC

Free startup membership

Wellness Portal @ The Oasis

This is the place to embark on a journey where the most critical investment you make is in Yourself. Discover new & effective ways to achieve a balanced, resilient, high performance, high achieving life - in entrepreneurship and beyond.

Free on demand content

Skills & Tools Portal

An invitation to explore + develop your professional edge

Free on demand content

Startup Resources

Check out our exclusive offers below.

We partner with many other providers of startup services to solve all of your startup service needs.


Work directly with Forecastr to build a Great Financial Model. Comes with a white-glove onboarding where we work with you / for you to build a world-class financial model for your company

25% first-year discount + waived implementation fees


We are a network of professional assistants with different skills, spread out across South America. All of us have college degrees, and most of us have worked in international companies before starting to work online as Virtual Assistants.

Virtual assistants to supplement your team

Savvi Legal

Savvi is a lifecycle legal and financing platform that enables founders to complete legal documents, filings, and due diligence in one place. In addition, Savvi provides a curated partner network of attorneys and other back-office providers who specialize in startups on the fundraising path.

Up to $1,200 in services credit (i.e., entity formation + conversion, data-room + cap table audit, financing admin + counsel, etc.)

Tech Crunch Early Stage

At this one-day founder summit, you'll get actionable advice and takeaways from top experts, meet other entrepreneurs taking similar journeys, share your own experiences and build the confidence to take the next steps towards growing your business.

33% Discount on Founder Passes

Hubspot for Startups

Up to 30% Discount on Hubspot Software

Up to 30% Discount on Hubspot Software

Use one service or the entire suite of Hubspot Growth Platform with a free-forever CRM at an entrepreneur-friendly price. 

Brand and Buzz Marketing

We humanize technology to create brands that matter. And design custom programs to spotlight innovators.


Carta is the leading provider of cap table management software and 409A valuations for startups. Carta makes it easy for founders to issue, track and manage the equity for their companies. They work with 50% of VC-backed companies and are now helping startups & employees manage their compensation, tax, cap table vehicle creation, and more.

20% first-year discount + waived implementation fees


Eagle Point Funding

Eagle Point Funding is the premier consulting firm specializing in non-dilutive funding sources for energy, defense, cyber security, and materials research. We assist companies, academic institutions, and non-profit research entities to identify and win federal R&D grants and contracts (DoD, DoE, NSF, DoA, NASA and more).

Xena Intelligence

Unlock Your Amazon Potential with XENA's AI-Powered Platform. Spend Smart and Sell Fast with our AI-powered engine. 

Start your 1 month free trial today and Accelerate your Growth Now!


From office policies to inventory policies, professional liability to D&O insurance, cyber liability or product liability, StartSure has you covered. Free inquiry and quote below

Simplify how your business gets insured


Justworks helps entrepreneurs and businesses grow with confidence. Get access to big-company benefits, automated payroll, HR tools, and compliance support — all in one place.

Focus on your business. 
We'll focus on the rest.


Generate more leads, convert them effectively and grow your business with Zoho CRM

$100 in promotional credits in your Zoho account for any purchase of a new Zoho app



As a Prepare4VC company, you’ll receive a $1,000 credit when you join Bolster. Once you sign up, you can start a search immediately, or connect with a Bolster team member to kick off an assisted search.

Let’s find your next senior leader together.

We provide custom software development services that leverage the power of technology to thrive in the digital transformation age.

As a nearshore software development company with 10+ years of proven experience, Icalia Labs brings together deep industry expertise and the latest tech to help you deliver solutions that thrive in today's marketplace.

At SOPHI Outsourcing, we provide top-notch back-office support and call center solutions to businesses of all sizes, including startups. Our focus is on delivering exceptional service, optimizing efficiency, and ensuring customer satisfaction. With over 15 years of experience, we have honed our expertise in various tasks, from data entry and document processing to order fulfillment and customer service. Additionally, our 24/7 call center support ensures that your customers always have access to knowledgeable and professional assistance. 

Prepare 4 VC community members get an exclusive 30-day free trial of SOPHI's outsourcing services.  Contact us today to sign up for your free trial! CODE: SOPHI4VC


Award-winning top-notch MVP development, website and app development, blockchain, and mobile game development services tailored to your unique needs and budget.

We have a portal specifically for the prepare 4 Vc community. Enter the code P4VCIT to redeem the benefit.

$500 off any service to help kickstart your business growth. Free
Website and Project Analysis!


Torc is a global talent marketplace for companies and developers that puts productivity, expertise, and culture first. Torc takes the pain out of finding high-quality contract developers so you can build your development team with confidence.  Maximize your runway by cost effectively scaling up or down your engineering team with on-demand talent through Torc. 


Boston New Technology

Boston New Technology is a not-for-profit startup, technology, and business community of 28k professionals, whose main mission is to help startups and local businesses launch and grow!

BNT's network extends to Austin, Texas, with over 50k members across 15 meetup groups!

Start your 1 month free trial today and Accelerate your Growth Now!

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