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Fireside chat event featuring the founder journey of Oana Manoloche and the Sequel team:
Learn from the pivots and growth trajectory behind the rebrand from Introvoke to Sequel, the expansion from Boston to San Francisco and global growth and the lessons learned for up and coming entrepreneurs: allows marketing leaders at companies like Carta, HP, Mutiny, Userpilot and Comcast to easily host live events (webinars, hybrid, virtual & networking events) directly on their website for an integrated branded experience and an increase in website conversion by 300%. No-code. No downloads. is also the video infrastructure for virtual platforms like Splash, Rallyup, Ritual Motion and Crowdsol, enabling product leaders to launch 750% faster and more cost effective using Sequel video APIs.

Sequel to the Story

April 18 at 12 PM EST with Oana Manoloche (

Join us in person at District Hall Boston

In addition to the virtual event streamed above, we will be hosting this session live at District Hall Boston in Seaport for all attendees to come out and watch the presentation and network.

A Startup Spring Event

Sequel to the story event

This is a Startup Spring event powered by Prepare 4 VC, in partnership with Boston New Technology, Startup Grind Boston and the TechCrunch Early Stage conference. Check out all of the weeks featured events at

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