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A La Carte

presented by Prepare 4 VC

Services can be purchased on an individual basis as well. A baseline price for research involved will be given after the initial consultation, and then each project may be priced out accordingly. Documents include, but are not limited to, pitch decks, business plans, promotional videos, financial projections, and executive summary/one-pager.

Trade Secret Protection

2 Day Workshop

In this 2 day workshop, we will guide you in the preparation of a customized trade secret protection program that will protect your most important assets.

Investment Deck IP Pitch

Half Day Seminar

Investors are going to ask you – “how are you planning to protect your IP?”. Even if you are not a technology company, you have IP. You are seeking an investment to increase and leverage your IP. Most investors understand basic IP issues and you must be able to impress on them that you do. In this, individualized, half day seminar, you will prepare an initial IP strategy customized for your company.

We help startups apply for SBA loans by writing an in-depth business plan (15-20 pages). This includes all key essentials from the market opportunity to the marketing plan, financial projections and more. We conduct by industry research, competitor analysis, market sizing, strategic analysis, financial projections and document writing/presentation. We also fill out the loan application and facilitate communication with our banking partners.

presented by Prepare 4 VC

Individual Venture Prep

The Venture Program is a 6 week intensive program where we work directly with founders to create investor-ready materials complete with market research and insights, a storyline that shows an immediate need for your product or service, and a defensible valuation. We customize designs to incorporate logo and branding into the pitch deck and make sure you are ready to answer investors questions before they have to ask.

4-6 Week Program

Prepare 4 Launch

presented by Prepare 4 VC

You know you have a great idea. It keeps you up at night planning, preparing and putting the pieces together. You imagine the day when you see someone on your website at the airport, they see you glance over and start to tell you about the amazing platform like you're seeing it for the first time and you just smile and tell them it sounds incredible. But how do you get to that place when you need other's around you to be just as excited as you are about your passion? At the Prepare 4 Launch program, our virtual cohort shares experiences among similar stage founders learning from our team of veteran entrepreneurs, investors and executive coaches to help you and your startup grow and attract the right support. Apply today to learn more:


presented by Prepare 4 VC

This is a 12 week program with sessions taught by our expert advisors, assignments and resources built into every week. This course is designed for internal growth to be in a better position to fund raise, lead your team and scale your ventures forward.

Service Packages

Check out our service programs below.

We offer individualized startup consulting and advisory services, as well as cohort models via our virtual accelerator program.

Try our free diagnostic business assessment

First step to building a founder’s brand

Leverage our 7-step process to develop positioning that highlights the expertise of a founder/executive/professional

Process: · Discuss personal goals, review bio/resume, background materials, etc. · Conduct extensive research. · Offer 2 recommendations on personal positioning.

Creative: Develop 2-3 LinkedIn banner concepts for visual presence.

Deliverables: · Draft a bio to support the positioning. · Finalize a LinkedIn banner. (see example) · Create a matching social profile image for LinkedIn

Building your social presence

Brand and Buzz partner package

We all get a lot of random suggestions on promoting ourselves on social. Most fail because of lack of strategy and consistency.

At Brand and Buzz, we take time to understand your goals and develop a targeted DIY social media strategy that you can execute against.

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