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Unlocking your entrepreneurial potential

Prepare 4 VC Breakthrough Program

In every startup story there is that one moment when everything changes. The roadblocks disappear, the doubters see your vision and your years and years of hard work make you an "overnight success." At Prepare 4 VC, we enable visionary founders to experience the breakthrough moments that empower their venture evolution to becoming a Prepared Venture.

What is a breakthrough program?


Prepare 4 VC's Breakthrough Program uniquely empowers LGBTQ+ entrepreneurs, focusing on the human element crucial to startup success. This 12-week cohort addresses both personal and professional challenges, enhancing leadership, founder branding, and team dynamics. We specialize in deepening understanding of critical business relationships in sales, investment, and team building. Our program uniquely incorporates social dynamics training for optimized interactions. Furthermore, we offer specialized insights into investor psychology, tailored specifically for pre-seed and seed-stage ventures, ensuring founders are equipped to make impactful investor connections.

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Spring Onions

Welcome to the application for the Prepare 4 VC cohort!

Please complete all questions, we will dig deeper during the curriculum on market sizing, competitive analysis, and other questions below and this will give our team a baseline to start. Most importantly, we are excited to review your application and learn about your company. All startups can expect to receive feedback on next steps within 5-7 business days.

Who is the technical lead on your team?
Have you raised outside funds up until this date
Do you or the founding team members identify with any of the underrepresented business groups below? (optional)

Tino Go

Founder of Baru

“Prepare 4 VC has been valuable beyond the bootcamp experience. The team, Chris, Jason, and Steve, has been supportive over the past year since Baru's graduation from the program. They've each presented business & funding opportunities and introductions that would have never crossed my radar were they not already on the lookout for me."

Natalie Gil

Founder of Darshana

“I received great resources, knowledge and network from the Prepare 4 VC team. Coming into the program, Darshana was figuring out many things in terms of product and services. After our participation in the cohort program, we continued our relationship with partnerships. Many doors have since been opened for us.”

Akhil Suresh Nair

Founder of Xena Intelligence

"There are few moments in the life of an entrepreneur where one looks back to see a decision that changed the course of their startup's journey, for me it was to join the Prepare4VC community. The support and encouragement that early on in an entrepreneur's life is truly the spark that's needed to power through the challenges that lay ahead. Jason's, Steve's, Chris's, Gil's and Yev's words of wisdom and smiling faces helped mold the initial milestones of my startup idea and prepared me for the arduous yet fulfilling journey that I had decided to embark on. I'm still in close touch with them till date and they continue to be my longest and most passionate well-wishers"

$35M+ Client Funding

Global Ecosystem Hub reaching 40+ Countries

"We received resources, knowledge & network from P4vc... Many doors have since been opened for us." 

- Natalie Gil @ DARSHANA

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