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Join Workweek's Alifiya Valiji and Networkx's Priscilla Schelp for a fireside chat discussing the role of superconnectors and communities and how they affect startup ecosystems. 

About the Speakers

Alifya Valiji from Workweek: Workweek is a new kind of media company. Every business decision today is influenced by content. But that influential content is no longer limited to newspaper articles or dull white papers — it can come in the form of tweets, newsletters, memes, and more. Workweek is a growing collective of industry-experts who are changing the world of business by creating something you actually enjoy and learn from. Here, personalities are elevated, industry expertise runs deep, and entertainment and cultural relevance are embraced. We’re here to make work fun.

Priscilla Schelp from Networkx- I’m Priscilla, the CEO and FOUNDER of networkx, a lead generation platform for exclusive clubs around the world.
networkx sources, prequalifies and matches industry trailblazers and visionaries with exclusive business, service, golf, yacht, polo, automobile, and arts clubs around the world🚀

With a network spanning national and European Parliaments, diplomacy, the United Nations, foundations, venture capital, start-ups, research, and education, I understand the importance of being in the best place to connect with the “right” people🕴️

networkx helps admitting individuals to exclusive clubs, supporting these people to access the network they need to make their visions and ideas come to life💡

networkx serves the legacy of the clubs by bringing them into the future by providing them younger, more diverse, suitable and motivated members to revitalize them and enable healthy expansion while maintaining exclusivity and staying true to their purpose.

Sumia Shaikh from Visible Hands- My mission is simple: to help good people do great things and to leave the world better than I found it. Currently, I lead Brand and Marketing at Visible Hands - the most trusted platform for early-stage, overlooked founders looking to launch and scale high-growth startups. Through our programs, networks, and fund, we holistically support founders in building exceptional startups.

SuperConnectors & Community As The New Capital

April 17 at 10 AM EST  virtual event streamed below

A Startup Spring Event

Startup Spring

This is a Startup Spring event powered by Prepare 4 VC, in partnership with Boston New Technology, Startup Grind Boston and the TechCrunch Early Stage conference. Check out all of the weeks featured events at

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