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Investor Engagement Technician

Consulting package focused around due diligence prep and fundraising

Unlock the potential of your startup with Prepare 4 VC’s exclusive Investor Engagement Technician Package, meticulously designed for early-stage founders aiming to elevate their venture to new heights. This specialized one-on-one consulting offer is tailored to prepare your startup for successful engagement with investors.

What We Offer:

  • Complete Due Diligence Analysis: Receive an in-depth analysis and recommendations for your 5-year P&L financial projections and cap table review. We focus on identifying and overcoming any red flags that may deter new investors, ensuring your financials are investor-ready.

  • Optimized Applications: We strategically assist you in sending out applications to targeted Angel Groups, VC funds, and strategic investment opportunities, maximizing your chances of securing the right funding.

  • Pitch Practice with SME Mentors: Benefit from private round-table pitch sessions and feedback from our curated mentors holding diverse subject matter expertise. Perfect your pitch to make a lasting impression on investors.

  • Live Spotlight Investor Demo Day: Showcase your startup with a private virtual investor demo day, including a 15-minute deck presentation followed by a 40-minute investor Q&A, giving you the direct exposure needed to captivate potential investors.

  • Warm Hand-Off Investor Introductions: Leverage the Prepare 4 VC Network for introductions to investors after the Spotlight Investor Demo Day, creating valuable connections and opportunities for your venture.

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