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A La Carte

presented by Prepare 4 VC

Services can be purchased on an individual basis as well. A baseline price for research involved will be given after the initial consultation, and then each project may be priced out accordingly. Documents include, but are not limited to, pitch decks, business plans, promotional videos, financial projections, and executive summary/one-pager.

A-la-carte documents

Kitz Consulting Partner Package

Each strategy session dives into your personal roadblocks with getting more comfortable with sales and converting prospects and leads into happy customers. From prospecting to engaging meetings and follow up strategy, these sessions are tailor-made for your biggest current needs.

Sales Strategy

Sales Strategy Implementation

Prepare 4 VC Breakthrough Program

12 week Cohort program formerly known as Prepare 4 VC Accelerator

Prepare 4 VC Breakthrough Program is your gateway to achieving a breakthrough in your startup's journey. With a comprehensive curriculum, experienced mentors, and direct access to investors, we empower you to take your business to the next level. Join us on a transformational journey to secure the funding and support needed for your startup to thrive.


Investor Engagement Tactician

Prepare 4 VC's All inclusive fundraising support package

Prepare 4 VC proudly presents the Investor Engagement Tactician Package, a comprehensive and bespoke offering tailored for tech-enabled startups at the cusp of breakthrough growth. This package is a strategic arsenal for early-stage founders who are ready to take their venture to the next level of investor engagement and fundraising success.

Investor engagement tacticitan

Investor Engagement Technician

The Venture Program is a 1-1 investor engagement package led by our venture architects to enhance investor ready ventures to gain brand recognition, exposure and clarity with prospective investors to accelerate your fundraising round. The package includes a deep dive due diligence review, practice pitches and deep dive on investor questioning and a webinar presentation to the Prepared Ventures investor network

Consulting package focused around due diligence prep and fundraising

Investor Technician

Embark on a transformative journey with Prepare 4 VC's Investor Engagement Specialist Package, meticulously crafted to catapult early-stage founders into the realm of venture success. Tailored for tech-enabled startups, this package is a deep dive into the essentials of fundraising, growth strategies, and investor relations.

Consulting package focused on pitch prep, due diligence and fundraising

Investor engagement specialist

Prepare 4 VC Catalyst Program


On-demand membership program

The Catalyst Program at Prepare 4 VC is designed to support entrepreneurs through the complexities of the startup journey. As part of this transformative experience, you'll receive guidance from expert architects to help your startup thrive. The program covers essential aspects of development, including refining your business model and navigating the venture capital process. With access to valuable resources and a network of mentors, it's a comprehensive support system for building a strong business foundation. Join us to unlock your potential, nurture your ambitions, and turn your entrepreneurial dreams into reality.


Support Packages

Not sure where to start? Take our onboarding survey and we'll direct you the best offerings for you.

We offer an array of offerings to take your venture to the next level. from membership-based programming to cohort programs and individualized startup consulting and advisory services.

Mentors supporting founders

Process: · Discuss personal goals, review bio/resume, background materials, etc. · Conduct extensive research. · Offer 2 recommendations on personal positioning.

Creative: Develop 2-3 LinkedIn banner concepts for visual presence.

Deliverables: · Draft a bio to support the positioning. · Finalize a LinkedIn banner. (see example) · Create a matching social profile image for LinkedIn

Leverage our 7-step process to develop positioning that highlights the expertise of a founder/executive/professional

Building a founder brand

First step to building a founder’s brand

Building your social presence

Brand and Buzz partner package

We all get a lot of random suggestions on promoting ourselves on social. Most fail because of lack of strategy and consistency.

At Brand and Buzz, we take time to understand your goals and develop a targeted DIY social media strategy that you can execute against.

building social presence
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