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  • Is Prepare 4 VC an accelerator or a consulting firm?
    Prepare 4 VC is a venture hub that encompasses both cohort programs similar to an incubator or accelerator and individualized consulting-based support. Our comprehensive approach includes structured programs to accelerate startup growth and tailored consulting services to meet the unique needs of each startup. This dual focus allows us to provide both the community and resources of a cohort program and the personalized guidance of consulting, ensuring that we effectively support startups at every stage of their journey.
  • Will Prepare 4 VC invest in my venture?
    While Prepare 4 VC does not invest directly in startups, they have helped startups in their cohort and consulting programs raise over $450 million in capital.
  • Do you take equity in our startup?
    Our traditional programs are paid, equity-free engagements. We launched this model to help startup founders keep their most valuable asset. In some cases we may make offers to accept equity or SAFEs in lieu of program fees.
  • What industries does Prepare 4 VC specialize in?
    While we specialize in Technology ventures, we have worked with startup ventures across various industries including B2B technology, healthcare, fashion, aerospace, social media, eCommerce, EdTech and FinTech.
  • Where is Prepare 4 VC based?
    We are headquartered in Boston, MA at 100 State, FL 11, Boston, MA 02109, running local events across Boston and Cambridge, MA and virtual programs and consulting opportunities across the US and globally. We have worked with ventures from the US, Spain, Peru, India, Kenya, and beyond.
  • How do I get in touch with the team?
    Connect through any of our contact forms from the onboarding survey on or any of the support package and program pages. Additionally, you may schedule a strategy session at or reach out by email to
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