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Who should avoid this program?

Founders with large successful exits

First off, congratulations on the success! It sounds like you may be a better fit as a mentor or for our 1-1 services.

People who hate feedback 

If you are not looking for active advice and feedback that you can apply to your venture, this program may not be for you

Full Stealth mode ventures

Our philosophy is that you need to share and engage customers early on. In order to get the full value from this experience you will need to conduct active customer discovery and pitch your ventures

What you're wondering

What we're wondering before we dive in:


You are the center of the curriculum

  1. Immersive Learning- Learn alongside other founders and actively apply lessons to your venture in real time.

  2. Personalized roadmap- Adapting the curriculum, recommendations and resources to your specific goals via our onboarding process instead of adapting your goals to a program. 

  3. Flexible Pacing- We know you are wearing multiple hats in your venture and work hard to accommodate your own scheduling in our roadmapping, course materials and needs and live and on-demand sessions .

  4. Expert Mentorship- Receive guidance and support from the right people at the right time via our experienced network of mentors.


Jason Kraus

CEO of Prepare 4 VC | Investor in 20+ ventures | Author of Venture Forward: Lessons from Leaders

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Steve Vilkas

COO of Prepare 4 VC | Community builder of Boston New Technology | Expert ecosystem strategist

  • LinkedIn
  • X

Erika Haskins

4X founder | Startup Ecosystem Builder that has influenced hundreds of new ventures, launched 80+ new businesses, and propelled thousands of young entrepreneurs into high growth careers

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Ron Zakay

Early-Stage Expert | Serial entrepreneur of ventures that have revolutionized domains, such as social augmented reality, generative AI, and online education.

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Dianna Lesage

Optimizing startup operations & driving success through strategic management | COO, Chief of Staff, EIR, and Head of Platform in a number of early-stage Venture Studios and most recently led Community for Metaversal

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Dan Manning

Chief Story Architect | Former speechwriter to the most senior officials in the US Air Force | Techstars & gener8tor Mentor

  • LinkedIn
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David Newkirk

International leader in strategy for entrepreneurs and spiritual growth of individuals | Recognized as a national speaker offering strategic and innovative solutions

  • LinkedIn

Nelly Yusupova

Founder of | I teach entrepreneurs how to increase their startup’s product velocity and cut their product development costs by up to 50%

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Marc Kitz

Startup Sales Growth l Sell More Confidently | Closed many technology solutions deals with global customers, global technology OEMs and resellers over the past 37 years totaling over $200 million

  • LinkedIn

Marsh Sutherland

Senior Tech Recruiter @ Ocient | AngelHack Boston Ambassador | MassChallenge VIP Ambassador | Serial Software Entrepreneur w/ 2 exits |

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Kevin Rosales

CEO Kanalytics Technologies | Expert in Custom software solutions in less time, low cost, and focused on Product Market Fit for companies in different stages

  • LinkedIn

Irina Sychov

Voice Skills Expert | Women's Empowerment Advocate | Public Speaker | Innovator

  • LinkedIn

Featured Facilitators and mentors

Blue Skies



  • Custom onboarding and roadmapping plan

  • 1 premium session per week led by our expert network

  • Assignments between sessions

  • Access to previous On-Demand Sessions and assignments



  • Everything in Explore

  • Inclusion in investor matching program

  • Monthly one-on-one strategy session with Prepare 4 VC advisor

Pricing, packages and features


Prepare 4 VC Catalyst Program


Once you step into the Prepare 4 VC Catalyst program, you are no longer alone in the Startup Journey

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