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Borderless Payments

Pay Anyone Anywhere. Free Global Accounts + 25% OFF Your First Year worth $1,500. Payout to 120+ Countries in Seconds.

borderless is a global payments API enabling payouts to 120+ countries using local bank transfers in local currency. borderless handles all compliance required including KYC of your recipients, and provides white labeling notifications.

Here are some cool features that can empower you:

  • One API endpoint for bank payouts to 120+ countries and 80+ currencies

  • Access to contact management and bank data requirements and data validation

  • Low Transaction Fees and FX savings on every payout

  • Multi-currency balances that help you receive, hold and exchange in 13 currencies. You can also receive directly from Stripe or other 3rd party credit card processors.

  • Our Link Widget can be embedded in your app to collect bank information

  • @handle system will reduce your data liability by avoiding the need to collect or store sensitive banking information

  • White labeled payment notifications to your customers with accurate estimated arrival times

Simple to Use - Create an account in minutes. Pay anyone anywhere in seconds even non-borderless users.

Fast & Direct - Payments are directly deposited in their bank account in using local currency and local payment rails avoiding fees and delays.

Affordable - borderless has low percentage and capped fees part of our standard pricing available on . We also offer low flat fees to companies as low as $0.75c per payment.

Private & Secure - Never share or collect sensitive banking information. Every user has a "@handle" and you don't need access to your clients payment information.

Payment Tracking & Transparency - All parties track payments in real-time and are notified of the payment status.

One API To Rule Them All – Our API can be customized to link data to your system. One API for global reach to bank accounts, cards and wallets (coming soon!).

Learn more and sign up at with redemption code FOUNDERPASS

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