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Unlocking your entrepreneurial potential


Prepare 4 VC Breakthrough Program

12 week cohort program powered by Prepare 4 VC

What is a breakthrough program?

Breakthrough program

This is our structured 12 week program, formally known as the Prepare 4 VC Accelerator, where you can break through current roadblocks and challenges associated with creating a fully scalable and investable venture. The name change aligns with the mission of the program: "It isn't about how fast the changes happen, it's about whether the combination of credible education and genuine support can cause breakthroughs. These breakthroughs further condition, embolden, and indeed prepare startups for what can come after: the evolution which brings growth"

Embrace the challenge

Are you prepared to elevate your startup's influence and impact?

Join us at the Prepare 4 VC Breakthrough Program: Embracing diversity, we tailor our holistic approach to meet the unique needs of every founder.

Experience a transformative journey that enhances:

  • Leadership Skills

  • Strategic Branding

  • Cohesive Team Dynamics

  • Building Crucial Business Relationships

  • Mastering Investment Strategies

  • Specialized Training in Social Dynamics and Investor Psychology

Throughout the 12-week program, expect comprehensive growth, mentorship from seasoned professionals, and a strategic project plan to guide you. Seize this opportunity to lead your startup to its breakthrough moment.

Growth mindset

Snapshot of Objectives

Solidifying Competitive Edge

  • Persona development and market sizing

  • Business model and competitive analysis

  • Defensible product differentiation

Building Brand Excitement

  • Personal branding

  • Storytelling from elevator pitches to formal presentations

  • Creating virality in your brand

Executional Development

  • Understand and adapt to personality types you are meeting with

  • Enhance communication and negotiation strategy

  • Develop sustainable growth model for long term success

Opportunity Creation

  • Mentor swarm rapid feedback sessions

  • Private pitch preparation events with expert panel

  • Investor and community demo day (hybrid) in Boston

  • Introduction to structured growth partners, mentors and investors

choosing your program

Welcome to the application for the Prepare 4 VC cohort!

Please complete all questions, we will dig deeper during the curriculum on market sizing, competitive analysis, and other questions below and this will give our team a baseline to start. Most importantly, we are excited to review your application and learn about your company. All startups can expect to receive feedback on next steps within 5-7 business days.

Application Submission

Thanks for submitting!

Tino Go

Founder of Baru

“Prepare 4 VC has been valuable beyond the bootcamp experience. The team, Chris, Jason, and Steve, has been supportive over the past year since Baru's graduation from the program. They've each presented business & funding opportunities and introductions that would have never crossed my radar were they not already on the lookout for me."

Natalie Gil

Founder of Darshana

“I received great resources, knowledge and network from the Prepare 4 VC team. Coming into the program, Darshana was figuring out many things in terms of product and services. After our participation in the cohort program, we continued our relationship with partnerships. Many doors have since been opened for us.”

Akhil Suresh Nair

Founder of Xena Intelligence

"There are few moments in the life of an entrepreneur where one looks back to see a decision that changed the course of their startup's journey, for me it was to join the Prepare4VC community. The support and encouragement that early on in an entrepreneur's life is truly the spark that's needed to power through the challenges that lay ahead. Jason's, Steve's, Chris's, Gil's and Yev's words of wisdom and smiling faces helped mold the initial milestones of my startup idea and prepared me for the arduous yet fulfilling journey that I had decided to embark on. I'm still in close touch with them till date and they continue to be my longest and most passionate well-wishers"

Jason Kraus

CEO of Prepare 4 VC | Investor in 20+ ventures | Author of Venture Forward: Lessons from Leaders

  • LinkedIn
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Steve Vilkas

COO of Prepare 4 VC | Community builder of Boston New Technology | Expert ecosystem strategist

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Ron Zakay

Early-Stage Expert | Serial entrepreneur of ventures that have revolutionized domains, such as social augmented reality, generative AI, and online education.

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Chris Dube

Strategic Thinker + Problem Solver Advancing NextGen Success with Technology | EIR, Speaker and mentor at renowned programs focused on Social Intelligence

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Erika Haskins

4X founder | Startup Ecosystem Builder that has influenced hundreds of new ventures, launched 80+ new businesses, and propelled thousands of young entrepreneurs into high growth careers

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Roger Toenis

Experienced startup founder and CEO | Sought-after coach, mentor, advisor, speaker and author | Background in AI/ML, B2B SaaS, IoT, Robotics, Data Science, Aerospace, Defense and Telecommunications

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Sankeetha Selvarajah

Managing attorney of Zensei Law P.C.- general counsel on all aspects of entity selection, business formation, corporate maintenance, and contractual review | CEO of Startup Dox, Inc., is a business educational platform for owners

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Parna Sarkar-Basu

Pivot-Transformation Strategist | Entrepreneur | Women in Tech Advocate | A brand architect, Parna designs powerful programs to build and boost brands – corporate and individual.

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Will Buckstaff

Helping founders efficiently raise capital | Business development manager at Carta

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Featured Facilitators and mentors

Our Trusted Mentors and Partners


We have teamed up with top experts and resources to provide the optimal growth experience for all of our founders throughout the program

Coils to Locs presentation

$35M+ Client Funding

Global Ecosystem Hub reaching 40+ Countries

"We received resources, knowledge & network from P4vc... Many doors have since been opened for us." 

- Natalie Gil @ DARSHANA

Arro Social presentation
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