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Building a strong brand positioning for your Startup

Brand positioning is essential to differentiating your business in the marketplace. Insights from the US Census Bureau indicate that on average, 4.4 million businesses are started each year. For this reason, setting apart your business from the competition will help you to better connect with your target audience, communicate value, and gain profitability. This article highlights a few brand positioning strategies that are effective for growing brand awareness:

Conduct market research

Market research will help you to better understand your target market, demographics, and the emotional drivers of their purchase decisions. Through research, you gain useful insight into brand perception, brand awareness, word associations, and your competition. Consider collecting information on your competitor’s strengths and weaknesses. This will help to effectively differentiate your business in the marketplace.

Determine your unique Value proposition (UVP)

The unique value proposition informs your target on the attributes that make you unique to the competition. The unique selling point differentiates your business and tells your consumers why they should select your product or services over the competitors.

Create a strong brand Identity

A strong brand identity will keep your business memorable in the hearts and minds of the consumers. Brand identity comprises elements of a brand like the logo, color, and brand tone that differentiates the business from the competition. Consider creating a strong brand identity and communicating it consistently across all consumer touchpoints.

Adopt effective storytelling techniques

Consider adopting various storytelling techniques across all stages of the marketing funnel. Share genuine stories, involve known characters that resonate with consumers, create customized in-store & online experience, use photographs and graphical representations that engage your target market. Likewise, storytelling techniques that highlight your founding history, company vision, and employee and customer experiences can be effective for brand positioning.

Ensure simple & consistent messaging across all consumer touchpoints

Consumer touchpoints are all areas in which your consumers interact with your business. Areas such as the website, social media pages, store houses or online stores comprise of your consumer touch points. To create effective brand positioning, you should ensure uniformity in colors, tone, voice, font sizes and value propositions consistently across all available touchpoints. Simple communication also allows for easy assimilation of your brand stories.

Evaluate to see if Positioning works:

Conduct a brand positioning audit using surveys, interviews, online reviews, or social media listening techniques. Evaluation helps you to measure the success of your brand positioning strategies and shows you areas for improvement.

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pEtEr EjEh
pEtEr EjEh
Aug 03, 2023

Very insightful

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