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Support Mizaru and 200 exciting HealthTech and Sustainability ventures at TechCrunch Disrupt

Join 10,000 tech leaders, investors and founders at TechCrunch Disrupt in San Francisco on Sept 19-21. Don’t miss interviews and sessions with trailblazing visionaries from Airbnb, Instacart, Visa, Google & more! Use our promo code for 25% Discount on Passes:

Special Shoutout to Mizaru

Matching support workers for people with disabilities can be easier and faster. Mizaru is an online platform helping organizations find and manage disability support workers. You can access the largest network of freelance support workers of diverse backgrounds and experience so that you can provide accommodation to your clients. You can easily manage all the support requests in one place, with booking, planning, and billing at your fingertips.

Mizaru is a participant in our 6th cohort of the Prepare 4 VC accelerator program, and will be pitching at TechCrunc Disrupt as well as our Boston Demo Day on September 27th

Startup Battlefield 200

Today, we’re sharing the health tech and sustainability startups that are determined to radically improve the health of humanity and the world. While early in their company life span, these companies are tackling some of the biggest problems across biotech, medtech and climate. Hard problems need tough founders to solve them! Check them out, and start networking with them today!

Tick tock: Buy your Disrupt pass today, and save up to $400. Tickets cost more at the door. Then download the event app and start networking with the SB 200 companies today!

Startup Battlefield 200 health tech startups at TechCrunch Disrupt 2023

  • Afya Bora BV

  • Alvee Health


  • Aspect Health

  • AuraSense Tech Corporation

  • AvantGuard


  • Being Cares

  • BetterMedics

  • BioticsAI

  • Cappella

  • Carrots & Cake

  • CellChorus

  • CerebraAI

  • DeepDee BV

  • Duly

  • Famasi

  • GoDocta

  • HME Square


  • ImmunitoAI

  • In Diagnostics

  • Medarta

  • Melio

  • MiiCare

  • Mizaru

  • MyLÚA Health

  • Narval

  • NeuroReach

  • Niura

  • Parrots

  • Portable Diagnostic Systems

  • Radiolife

  • Revolve Mobility

  • Stat Health Informatics

  • Stimvia

  • Strong Haulers

  • Thyroscope

  • Toi Labs

  • Untap Health


  • Yuimedi

Startup Battlefield 200 sustainability startups at TechCrunch Disrupt 2023

  • AC3D

  • Agri-Trak

  • Aintech

  • AppCyclers

  • AquaLith Advanced Materials

  • Avalo

  • Beyond Aero

  • BlockCarbon

  • ByteNite

  • Capra Biosciences

  • Cogo

  • Electrified Thermal Solutions

  • Flint

  • Fluix

  • Hyfé

  • Kyuka Ventures Innovation Hub

  • Lillianah Technologies

  • Lima

  • LimeLoop

  • Mimicrete

  • Pastoral

  • Positive Carbon

  • PureSpace

  • Sóliome

Comment below on the startups you are most looking forward to hear at TC Disrupt

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