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The power of a ‘can-do’ attitude

Updated: Jul 30, 2023


Embrace change.

Change is everywhere. Do you demonstrate a positive attitude to changing workplace conditions or do you complain and avoid? Learning how to embrace change can help you move up in your career and if you’re a manager, can help your employees learn how they too can rise to the occasion. Likewise, being resistant to change can drag you, your co-workers and your company down.

Use humor to manage stress.

Humor can be a powerful pick-me-up. Scientific research supports the idea that laughter — even the act of just smiling — helps people better manage stress. Humor also has been shown to help people be more creative and ease tension.

Look on the bright side.

Having a bad day? Think about what you have to be grateful for. Do something that makes you happy. And try doing something kind for someone else — studies show that helping other people can be a powerful tool for creating a more positive outlook.

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