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What it means to develop your personal brand

Updated: Nov 4, 2023

For many aspiring business professionals, personal branding is not an intuitive endeavor.

Some are confused by what the term means. It’s not about traditional meet-and-greet networking nor is it a direct-sales effort. Essentially, it’s a hybrid model that puts the focus on developing one’s personal brand separate from the company that pays your check.

Personal branding gives you an opportunity to reinvent yourself. It means electing to spend more time on promoting you and what you can do, as opposed to tying your networking activities to a particular company or organization. You are your own enterprise! And that means that you are responsible for crafting a memorable personal brand that ties you as an individual and a professional into one package.

The key is to be memorable and branding is the way to make that happen.

Put some thought into your personal brand, because it may carry you to places you never envisioned in your dreams of business success.

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