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Considering hiring a lead generation partner/resource?

There are many choices whether you are considering hiring an organization or a single resource...some will be more effective than others. How might you approach picking one? Some considerations...

What is their background?

Start with your target market(s) and work backwards by asking...

  • What type and size of accounts are they used to contacting?

  • Which industries do they have experience with?

  • What geographies have they been focused on?

Alignment with your approach

Does their experience align with how you want to approach potential clients...

  • What is typically the goal of calls they make for clients?

  • What questions are they typically asking?

  • How do they open conversations with potential clients?

  • How do they differentiate themselves from all the other calls the same clients get?

How is a “lead” defined?

A name and contact information is not a lead. What information do you require in order meet your definition of a “lead”? For example...

  • Challenges your solution resolves are present at the client

  • Indicated a sense of urgency to resolve challenges

  • Agreed to follow up meeting

Taking some time to seek the right alignment should improve the chances of getting the type and volume of leads you desire.

Questions? Feel free to contact me!

Marc Kitz, Sales Coach


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