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Key marketing plan details to include in your Pitch deck

Your pitch meeting is a marketing exercise, and every aspect of your pitch deck should be designed to inform and convince potential investors to invest in your business. The pitch deck provides an overview of your business plan, products & services. The marketing plan aspect of the Pitch deck is essential because it helps you to paint a picture of your target market and the strategies available you would leverage to connect and sell your products. Here are a few marketing details to include in your Pitch deck.

Tell a story:

Your pitch deck should tell a story using appropriate template, numbers, pictures, and data. Storytelling helps you to connect the dots so that investors can get the full picture of your origin, your journey so far and, your destination. It also helps to inform the VC on the value, competition, business model and profit-making strategy. Therefore, it’s important that you use simple language, avoid the use of jargon and use words that resonate. To tell a perfect story, consider researching the investor you will be meeting with, to understand his or her interests, this way you can create a pitch deck that aligns with the interests of the VC.

Market size & Target Market:

Your target market represents your most likely customers and how much they are likely to spend on your product over a given period. In your pitch deck consider showcasing target markets in segments of demography, location and needs. Market research tools like surveys, interviews and social listening activities should help to gather insights on key attributes of your target market.

Include your unique value proposition:

Your unique value proposition should be included in the pitch deck because it informs the investor of the value that you create in the business. It informs them about the factors that differentiate you from the competition. Your UVP should be written in simple terms that are easy to understand. Likewise, you should leverage visually appealing design icons or infographics in communicating your value to the target market.


Traction sums up the achievements, milestones, sales, and profits your business has garnered since its inception. Your traction page, if designed properly, can go a long way in earning you more investment. Therefore, the traction segment of your pitch deck if you are an early-stage startup should highlight marketing details like, app downloads, website visits, subscriptions, product testimonials, partnerships, social media engagement and lots more. The purpose of the traction segment is to show how well your product is faring in the market & to show that you are putting your strategies to work, and they are yielding momentarily. For a great traction page, consider presenting your information clearly and use only key figures and data to buttress your points. Lastly, do not overload your slides, use graphics, images, and logos for information on key partnerships.

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