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Make it easy to schedule meetings with you!

When you are attending large meetings, conferences, or networking events you are likely meeting many people.  Hopefully many are interested in meeting with you.  Despite their best intentions, they forget or get distracted...then you are chasing them for days/weeks.  How you can get more meetings scheduled while the interest is highest...

  • Create a QR that goes directly to your scheduling tool of choice (e.g. Calendly) is mine

  • Print the QR code on business cards

  • Include the QR code on other documents you are handing out

  • Feature the QR code on slides if you are presenting

Clients and partners you want to meet with are busy.  They are not likely to type a URL to schedule a meeting.  Try this approach and have fun filling up your calendar! 

Feel free to schedule time with me (no charge!) using my QR code!


Marc Kitz, Sales Coach 



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