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TV Shows and Podcasts for Entrepreneurs

Updated: Nov 4, 2023

Entrepreneur TV Shows

Silicon Valley:

Why I like it: The show is the perfect mix of startup drama, hilarious comedy, and education on the intricacies of running a tech company in the Valley. The biggest part of every early stage startup is the team, and this cast does an amazing job.

Shark Tank:

Why I like it: There are an amazing selection of companies that I love learning about as the pitch to the sharks, and they pick companies that solve problems that are relatable to the audience. Additionally, each of the investors comes to the table offering not just funding but valuable resources as an investment partner.

Half and Catch Fire

Why I like it: The show is an action-packed drama about life in the start of the tech world of 1980s. Through the show, viewers can live the startup life vicariously through the main characters and the references to technologies and competitors of the time period is extremely interesting.

TV Shows


Why I like it: The audio journalism in this podcast is an engaging insight to everydaylife of growing startup companies. The podcast can put you at ease knowing other companies are facing the same situation, and also provide best practices to apply at your own venture

The Pitch

Why I like it: The startup selection is really good and it is basically the podcast version of Shark Tank, but based even more on the terminology and discussion of Angel Investors. Anyone seeking funding should listen to the Pitch before giving their own.

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