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Building your sales toughness

Selling already requires preparation, creativity, patience and persistence.  Considering business can be challenging to find, your willingness to “keep at it” while being sensitive to clients’ interests is being tested.  How might you maintain or enhance your sales toughness?

Goals for each day 

Establish goal(s) for every day you are investing time in contacting your prospects/clients.  Depending on the client, your goals will vary…some situations may be about:

  • Getting coaching or a referral

  • Setting up a meeting

  • Seeking a specific opportunity  

Challenge yourself

When you think you are done for the day, make 1 or 2 more calls.  You will be amazed at what you can learn or opportunities you find with that extra effort. 

Keep trying and challenge yourself

Do not settle when you lose an opportunity

When you lose an opportunity at a large or important client find a way to stay connected.  Provide information/value when there is nothing in it for you.  This will show the client you are invested in establishing a partnership and have their interests in mind.  Taking this approach will keep you well positioned when conditions change.

Stay focused

The distractions of other job responsibilities and/or working from home can easily draw you into a lack of focus.  Create sufficient structure in each day so you can channel your energy into finding more business!  

Marc Kitz, Sales Coach 



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