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Feeling “stuck” during a sales call?

Some calls do not go according to your plan. Maybe you faced an unexpected challenge or objection that took you off course. How might you “recover” and continue moving forward in the conversation?

Stay curious

When/if you get stuck, “backup” and get into listen and learn mode. It will provide some information and give you some time to think. Some sample questions...

  • How does your decision process work?

  • Why has this become a challenge?

  • What is causing this delay?

  • What are logical next steps from your perspective?

Check the questions you prepared

While you are taking notes, take a brief look at the questions you prepared...this might help shake you loose.


Use the information you gathered from the questions you ask to help adjust your approach and prioritize action items. You are now more likely to be moving this opportunity forward!

Marc Kitz, Sales Coach


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1 comentario

Stephanie Davis
Stephanie Davis
08 dic 2023

Steph Davis .This is a good observation . I think it is important to maintain your standards even if some are rude or not interested . Sometimes they change their minds . It is good to observe their communication styles.

Me gusta
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