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Kwik Look - Create A Clearer Future Projection

Welcome to Kwik Look: Create a Clearer Future Projection - One of the many Skills + Tools Focus Areas we've curated for you to discover, explore & access inside the Prepare 4 VC Skills Portal @ The Oasis.

This Startup Projection + Financial Analysis focus area is facilitated by Angel Investor & CEO of Kwik Look - Yvette Lim. "Helping entrepreneurs turn their Business Model Canvas into a robust Cash Flow Forecast, to understand the value of their equity & engage credibly with potential investors. The process is fun, fast and simple - yet powerfully insightful!"- Yvette Lim We're glad you found your way here. Let's get started!

Introduction to Cash Flow - Understanding your "Hockey Stick"!

Understanding the typical Startup Cash Flow "Hockey Stick" is essential for founders to make informed strategic decisions, understand their funding requirements, facilitate risk management, and engage meaningfully with potential investors.

Where are you on the startup journey? What does your cash flow "hockey stick" look like? Do you have a credible game plan for kicking up and out of the Valley of Death?

Check out the following cash flow & growth modules to learn more about how you can increase your chances of success!

Improving your Cash Flow Forecast - Shaping your Hockey Stick

Knowledge is Empowerment!

Once you understand the initial shape and trajectory of your cash flow forecast, you can take targeted action to improve it, and mitigate key risks.

The Kwik Look Cash Flow Evaluation Tool provides a simple but power framework for understanding the viability of your business model.

Case Study: The Nature Co.

1. Initial Five Year Cash Flow

2. Roadmap from Un-investable to Investable

  • Original idea is not viable or investable (funding required = approx $8.9 mln, breakeven in approx 7-8 yars)

  • Optimize Year 1 - only scale if viable

    1. Reduce costs

    2. Increase revenue

    3. Explore alternative business models

  • Combine everything into an optimized 5 year cash flow - the hybrid business model mitigates risk and reduces the cash runway required (funding required = $1.2 mln, breakeven in approx 3 year 11 months)

  • We go through the step by step business transformation in our 1 day workshop "How to Give Your Business Idea the Best Opportunity to be Funded"

3. Optimised Five Year Cash Flow

4. Cash Flow as a Basis for Identifying, Understanding and Mitigating Key Risks

Everyone knows and accepts that numbers will change - the important thing is to have a transparent and credible basis for engaging with potential investors. An open and upfront discussion of key risks and associated mitigation strategies, will enhance investor confidence in the ability of your team to deliver as planned.

5. Convincing Potential Investors to Take a Closer Look at Your Business Idea

Sharing the high level Kwik Look Cash Flow Report with investors who like your pitch, can bolster your credibility as an investable founder, and help convince them to take a more detailed look at your business idea. When investors are screening ideas, it is important to give them sufficient information (including key metrics) to understand your business model, without getting bogged down in too much detail - this can come later if things progress to due diligence.

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