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Rate My Pitch Tool by Prepare 4 VC

The P4VC "Rate My Pitch" Tool is a free pitch analyzation tool that allows Oasis Community members to upload a 30-60 second pitch video and get free feedback from our pitch experts on an existing startup venture and/or a venture idea that's been bouncing around in your head.

Here's what to expect when you submit a video pitch...
  • The Rate My Pitch Tool is offered free to the P4VC Oasis Community

  • All video pitch submissions receive feedback via email from P4VC

  • All video pitch submissions are analyzed by P4VC Pitch Experts

  • Feel free to be creative with your video pitch submission

  • All video pitch submissions must be 60 sec. maximum

Thank you for being part of the P4VC Oasis Community...We're glad you're here

Expect Great Things To Come.

What To Expect:

Your Introduction to using the Rate My Pitch Tool...

"Sell me this pen... What's your value prop... Give me your elevator pitch..."

Sound familiar?

We're guessing they are...that's why Prepare 4 VC has created the free "Rate My Pitch" tool for our Startup Oasis Community.

If you're preparing to deliver a pitch to investors, have a great new idea for a venture, or just want to get advice, insight & feedback on your current customer/client/partner pitch - this is the place to share it for free expert pitch feedback.

In this lesson you'll learn:

  • How to utilize + navigate the Rate My Pitch Tool

  • Watch a demonstration video of the tool here:

Live "Rate My Pitch" Tool

offered free for the Prepare 4 VC Oasis Community Submit your 30-60 second video pitch in the tool below:

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