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Partner program launched with Forecastr

About Forecastr

Forecastr makes financial modeling easy for founders. Using Forecastr, founders can easily create, track and manage their financial projections in preparation for raising capital and to help them confidently make better strategic decisions for their company. Each Forecastr client is assigned a dedicated financial analyst to help them turn finance into a competitive advantage.

Why our customers love Forecastr:

  • Custom financial model built in Forecastr

  • Dedicated financial expert assigned to every customer

  • Ability to easily understand, present and maintain your financial model

  • Expert guidance and support to prepare you for investors

  • Guardrails that prevent you from 'breaking' the financial model and accidentally using misinformation

  • Confidence in accurate up-to-date data from direct integrations to your other business solutions (QBO, Gusto, Stripe, etc.)

  • Professional investor reports and Board presentation slides

  • Forecastr's INVESTOR CONNECT: Exposure to 160+ active early-stage investors


How We Partner with Prepare 4 VVC

  • We offer our deep subject-matter expertise in startup financial modeling and fundraising to partners as an educational value-add for their founders & startup communities in exchange for exposure

  • Forecastr provides free educational webinars, workshops, pitch events, financial modeling templates, and other free resources that are beneficial for founders in your community

  • We make our INVESTOR CONNECT platform available to founders in your community so they can list their company for FREE

  • Partner Discount & Special Offer

    • 20% OFF first-year

    • Waived $500 Implementation Fee

    • White-glove onboarding where we work with you to build a world-class, custom financial model for your company

    • Dedicated financial analyst support

    • FREE listing on Forecastr's INVESTOR CONNECT platform ($500 value)

  • Other Partner Benefits:

    • Access to Financial Modeling Subject Matter Experts / Mentors

    • FREE Financial Modeling Curriculum for Founders

    • Educational Content & Workshops

    • FREE Financial Model Templates

    • Monthly Finance Playbook for Startups

    • INVESTOR CONNECT Pitch Events

Raising Capital with confidence webinar

SAFES, Convertibles and Priced Rounds webinar

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