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Presentation coming up? How to practice

Hopefully you can make time to practice. Practicing so you feel like “I have been here before” when the meeting starts should give you comfort and confidence.

Time of day?

What time of day is the presentation? Practicing at the same time of day will simulate:

  • Lighting wherever you are presenting from

  • Your energy level at that time of day

  • Mindset of attendees (what are they thinking about at that time)

Role play client attendees

Who will be attending from your client? How are they likely to approach the meeting? Try to simulate this with co-workers, for example have them...

  • Interrupt you with questions, concerns

  • Challenge you regarding something in your slide content

  • Ask questions you anticipate

  • Be silent, forcing you to ask them questions

Consider technology might fail

If your presentation does not come up or you have some other technological failure, what is your plan? Practicing this can make the transition to the backup plan go smoothly and demonstrate your attention to detail.

Questions? Feel free to contact me!

Marc Kitz, Sales Coach


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