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Overconfident regarding some clients?

Updated: Jul 30, 2023

How well do you know your clients? Well enough to win consistently? Pushing yourself to be more informed usually pays off...

What not to assume about your clients

You should not assume your client contacts know the following about you or your company:

  • Dedication to helping them grow/resolve issues

  • Capabilities

  • Value

  • Experience / Success with similar clients

  • Others?

An advocate does not guarantee success

It is easy to assume an internal advocate at the client will get something done for you...and just wait. Do not allow yourself to get “lulled to sleep” by that assumption. Stay curious and pursue the information you need (e.g. understanding the decision process).

Meet your clients “where they are”

I have certainly made the mistake of assuming the client had certain knowledge or confidence. Maybe I was in a rush or a bit lazy…avoid this by figuring out what your customers know and how they perceive you and your company. Identify the gaps and invest time to educate them!

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Marc Kitz, Sales Coach


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