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Prospecting – Quality over Quantity!

You may have heard advice to make a “ton of calls”.  Volume alone does not create a path to success.  The percentage of cold calls resulting in interest from the potential customer is low.  Generally, focusing on the quality of your calls will get you to your goals faster.  

Networking with contacts you have any kind of connection with (and doing some homework before the calls) is better than starting cold.  Here is why…

Contacts can tell if you have done your homework

Want to differentiate yourself from the 20 other reps calling the same person that same day?  Do some homework.  The more you know going into the calls, the more comfortable you will be.  Some ideas on what to learn about:

  • Trends in their business

  • Challenges they are facing

  • Goals they are focused on

  • Current projects

You are more effective if you are comfortable

If you start your prospecting effort with people you is “networking”.  You should automatically feel more comfortable having a conversation to begin with.  

More likely you will get help

A big part of moving thru a sales cycle with a new customer involves obtaining referrals to key people and critical information about the customer’s interests, concerns, etc.  These connections are much more likely to be interested in helping you.

More likely you will feel good about your effort

What will feel better…3 great conversations with prospective customers that yield follow-up meetings OR  30 cold calls that yield nothing?  In order to build your confidence in selling, give yourself the best chance for success!


Marc Kitz, Sales Coach 



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