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Sending agenda ahead of meeting?

While this is not for all meetings, there are MANY situations where this makes sense.  It can help make the meeting more efficient and productive!

Why send it ahead of the meeting

There are many good reasons to do this...certainly demonstrating your professionalism and respecting the client’s time are near the top of the list.

When you should send

Here are some sample situations...

  • Meeting is with new client contact(s)

  • Looking for the client to:

  • Kickoff the meeting

  • Provide an overview of their current environment/solution 

  • Address questions you have

  • Confirming the flow of the meeting with your key client contact

Work with your key client contact

Well before the meeting work with your key client contact on the agenda before it is sent to other client attendees.  This makes it easier for your key client contact to share the agenda with other client attendees (and ensure they attend).

You are more likely to achieve the goals you have for client meetings!


Marc Kitz, Sales Coach 



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