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Tummo Breath (Wim Hof): Drive + Motivation

How To - Lesson #1:

Tummo Breathing Technique...

Tummo - which literally means 'inner fire' - is an ancient mind-body meditative breathing technique practiced by monks in Tibetan Buddhism.

Tummo exists inside a combination of breathing + visualization, to foster mind-body connection and activate a person's inner heat - physically, mentally & energetically.

The Tummo Breathing Technique was popularized in the Western Hemisphere by Dutch extreme athlete, Wim Hof aka The Iceman, through his 26 Guinness Book World Record feats the likes of:

  • Climbing Mount Everest in only his shorts

  • Swimming under the ice layer at the Polar Ice Caps

  • Running a marathon in the Mojave Desert w/o drinking water

In this lesson you'll learn:

  • What the Tummo Breathing Technique is...

  • The benefits of the Tummo Breathing Technique

  • How to begin practice of the Tummo Breathing Technique

DISCLAIMER: It is critical to always consult your primary care physician prior to participating in any activity that puts stress (of any level) on your body, mind + spirit. This breathing exercise, and any breathing exercise in this series should only be attempted by healthy individuals with no preexisting and/or current physical or mental health conditions. This breathing demonstration is for recreational purposes only and should not be considered for anything other than recreational activity.

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