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Performance Breathing 4 Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneur practicing performance breathing

Welcome to Performance Breathing 4 Entrepreneurs

One of the many Wellness Area Focuses we've curated for you to discover, explore & access inside Your Wellness @ The Oasis.

The Performance Breathing focus is facilitated by Prepare 4 VC's Chief Strategy Officer - Christopher Dube.

Christopher is a former professional athlete, and has over a decade of experience as an Executive Performance Coach, utilizing breathing techniques, mind-body coherence + social cognitive theory to teach leaders situational strategy, influencing, communication + negotiation skills.

We're glad you found your way here.

Expect Great Things...

DISCLAIMER: It is critical to always consult your primary care physician prior to participating in any activity that puts stress (of any level) on your body, mind + spirit. These breathing exercises, and any breathing exercise demonstrated in this Wellness Focus Series should only be attempted by healthy individuals without preexisting and/or current physical or mental health conditions.

All breathing demonstrations & tutorials are for recreational purposes only and should not be considered as anything other than recreational activity. Participants should be fully aware that the techniques covered in this series have the ability to variably affect a participants ANS (autonomic nervous system), CNS (central nervous system) & level of waking consciousness through changes to the intensity, frequency & rhythm of a participants RS (respiratory system) via inhalation (nose + mouth), exhalation (nose + mouth), apnea (nose + mouth breath holding) & muscle contraction. Self regulation + self awareness is critical to ensure a safe, fun experience for all participants. If at any time, a participant feels the need to pause or cease participation in the exercise, they are encouraged to do so immediately.

Introduction to Performance Breathing

What To Expect:

Your Intro to Performance Breathing with Christopher...

As our lives get busier & busier, it becomes more difficult to maintain & foster the "brain + body currency" we need to achieve progress on our ventures, projects + goals. Breathing is a simple, actionable tool that has the ability to calm, focus & recharge the most critical parts of our everyday excellence.

In this lesson you'll learn:

  • What Performance Breathing Is...

  • How Breath Can Amplify Your Everyday Performance

  • Various Breathing Techniques To Be Brilliant In a Moments Notice

Stay tuned for our next post as we dive deeper into specific performance breathing techniques and strategies

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