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4-4-2 Coherent Breath: Lower Stress + Be Balance

How To - Lesson #3:

4-4-2 Coherent Breath...

is a breathing technique that can almost instantly slow the body down, by tapping into our autonomic nervous system (ANS), which includes heart rate, digestive system, and more.

The Vagus Nerve is part of the autonomic nervous system and runs from the brain down to the opening of the diaphragm, directly to the gut. Its purpose is to regulate our heart rate between 70 - 100 bpm by sending messages to the ANS & heart.

The easiest way to activate the Vagus Nerve is to slow down our breath. It's like a hack for the nervous system—something within our conscious control that has an effect on processes we otherwise can't directly control.

In a state of stress we can activate our mind-body connection to restore physiological balance by consciously slowing our breathing... our autonomic nervous system will follow suit to:

  • Increase digestion & absorption of nutrients

  • Increase oxygenation of tissues & organs including the brain

  • Lower epinephrine & cortisol levels increased as a stress response

In this lesson you'll learn:

  • What 4-4-2 Coherent Breath is...

  • The benefits of the 4-4-2 Coherent Breath

  • How to begin practice of 4-4-2 Coherent Breath

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