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Ensuring your 1st meeting goes well

How a first meeting goes can determine whether you will move forward or at least how fast you might progress.  Let’s assume you have done the homework to understand who is attending, questions they will likely ask and how formal/informal your approach should what?

You enter the client’s building...

Take time to get to know whoever greets visitors.  Most people ignore them and/or “steamroll” them.  These people can get a lot done for you!  Day to day you want them excited to hear from you and interested in helping you.

The meeting is about to start...

Your preparation should begin to payoff immediately...

  • As you meet people attending, ask a question that shows you did some research on them (e.g. university they attended)

  • Thank everyone for making time in their schedules

  • Review agenda and confirm client is ok

The meeting is over...

Take a few minutes to thank people that helped you...

  • Were you referred by someone to another contact?  Thank them in person and give them a brief overview of how the meeting went (if they did not attend).

  • The person who greeted you when you entered the building?  Thank them again for their help, chat a little about their day (most other visitors do not do this).  Make them feel important.

Taking this approach will help you build important relationships that lead to you closing deals!


Marc Kitz, Sales Coach 



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Stephanie Davis
Stephanie Davis
22 בינו׳

Great insights . Your tips are right on point. Ppl like to be appreciated. Everyone needs to slow down and be thankful. Doing sales activities is more challenging than doing research

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