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When a client “no shows”...

At some point this may is easy to be upset about, particularly if you worked hard to prepare and others from your company are involved.  How you might think about this situation...

How to prevent it

One approach is to send a note, several days ahead of the meeting, to the client summarizing the challenges they have shared (in previous communication), some of the ideas your company may have shared and a proposed agenda.  This may serve you well in multiple ways:

  • Makes it easy for them to explain/share what the meeting is about

  • Reminds the client about the potential value of the upcoming meeting

Ask them for feedback on the agenda prior to the meeting if possible.

Get curious

A client “no showing” should spark your curiosity and can actually be “information”.  Look to learn more...

  • Why did they not show?  Unexpected things happen in, give them a little room for that possibility

  • How well do you understand the contact’s role? 

  • What challenges are they facing?

  • Is this contact a good source of guidance, if not influence?

Turn a negative into a positive

Since they "owe you" the courtesy of an explanation, try to make sure the explanation is provided in at least a Zoom call (if not in person).  This can provide an opportunity to learn a lot about what is happening in the client’s organization and provide guidance on how/whether to pursue the opportunity!


Marc Kitz, Sales Coach 



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