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Expand pipeline – educate groups of target contacts!

Looking to accelerate the growth of your business? Educating groups of target contacts can be an efficient approach.

Why this makes sense

There are a ton of reasons...let’s start with these:

  • Rapidly expands your reach

  • Enables you to provide value without selling

  • Demonstrates your interest in being a “partner”

Groups with target contacts – multiple potential clients

Groups that make sense for you educate may be vertically focused (where your company has credibility) and/or geographically focused (where you are confident you can deliver). Some examples...

  • CEO focused? - find an organization that supports groups of CEOs

  • Startup focused? – Prepare 4 VC is a great one!

  • Vertically focused – where/when are conferences?

  • Many others...

Most organizations/events will be promoting guest speakers. Work with them to ensure the right message is shared.

Groups with target contacts – one large potential client

Work with your primary contacts (inside coaches) to orchestrate target groups. Use your creativity to work with your contacts to promote the event. People are busy, so key questions...

  • What topic(s) will be interesting enough to get people to take time out of their day?

  • What is the best way to follow up with reminders about the event?

These events can be fun and productive...enjoy the process!

Questions? Feel free to contact me!

Marc Kitz, Sales Coach


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