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Falling in love (with your job) all over again

True job love. It may seem like a thing for the young careerist, but hey, you know at one time or another you felt it too. Maybe your passion has dwindled, maybe your dream job has changed, or maybe you lack motivation. Don’t give up! Just like a personal relationship, your work relationship takes work. Check out these five tips for rekindling the relationship.

Remember what you love most. When you got the job offer, what was the thing you were most excited about? Every job has its ups and downs, but right now, focus on the ups. What is your favorite part of your job? Is there any way you could do that more?

Remember where you thrive. Just like you needed this job, they needed you. Your company, your supervisor, saw something in you . If you’re not sure what your strengths are, ask your supervisor or co-workers what they think. Sometimes it’s hard to see the positive in ourselves.

Remember you can ask for more. Sometimes we like our jobs, but see them leading nowhere, or at least nowhere we want to go. The path we don’t take is sometimes the path we don’t ask for. Set up a meeting with your supervisor to talk about your dreams and career path and how they can match up with your current job and company. It may require more work or more learning, but those are good challenges.

Remember you’re not perfect either. No company or job is perfect, but neither are its employees. Ask yourself where you can improve. If you’re consistently making mistakes, how can you change that? Ask others to help you to improve on your weak points.

Remember to work. Success comes to those who work for it. Sometimes we have to buckle down and work through the parts we don’t like to get to the parts we do like. If you work your hardest with a positive attitude, people will notice.

Don’t forget that things always get better for those who work for it. And after a little while, maybe you’ll fall in love all over again.

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