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Trying to build your network of contacts?

Updated: May 3

Your network of contacts will be a highly valuable pool of resources when you start and grow your business.  How might you approach building this network?


Start with connections that already know you

This should be a comfortable place to start since the connection is already “warm”,


Determine what type of connections would you like to make

The answers are in the experience or expertise you would like to backwards from there.


Build it before you need it...if possible

Once you get started with adding to your network, keep up the effort on as consistent a basis as possible.  Think ahead about the kind of help you will need 6, 12 months from now.   It is amazing how fast your number of valuable connections can grow.

Connection tree

Keep the connections warm

Particularly with connections you are having an active “two way exchange” of ideas, connections and leads...invest time to keep in touch with on a recurring basis.  This is the best way to keep your company top of mind with them.



Marc Kitz, Sales Coach 




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