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Providing educational session with/thru partner?

This, as you may know, is a great way to connect with an audience full of your target clients.  How you approach these sessions can significantly impact the value you and your audience get from the session and possibly the business that results...

Keep slides to a minimum

The “conversation” you can have with attendees is the most important part of the session.  Ensuring you are not crowding the session with a lot of slides creates “space” for conversation.  For example, in a 30 minute session see if you can have approximately 8 slides.

Have the host kickoff the session

The audience knows the host so there is inherent trust.  Having the host say a few words about the value of the session you are about to lead is a good way to start.

Ask the host to watch the chat

Some people are reluctant to “raise their hand” on a Zoom call but will put questions in the chat.  If the host can watch the chat and mention when there are questions, you can remain focused on the conversation.

Keep number of topics to a minimum

Less = More.  Fewer topics will enable better depth of conversation with attendees and more value for them.

Let me know how your educational sessions go.  Enjoy the conversations and the opportunities that follow!


Marc Kitz, Sales Coach 



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