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Scheduling post-holiday client meetings now?

If you are working on building client relationships around the holidays, hopefully you are getting some opportunities to schedule meetings. Some ideas to get meetings scheduled for ASAP in January and to make the meetings productive…

If you wait until January to schedule

Clients usually take some time to get back into work mode after the holidays. Assuming you “give them some room” after returning to work, it is likely the meetings will take place in late January or early February.

Pursuing scheduling now for January

Clients may have limited time before the end of this year between their business and personal activities. If they are interested in scheduling a meeting:

  • Agree on post-holiday date and time

  • Get an initial sense from the client about attendees, agenda

  • Send a calendar invite ASAP that same day!

You are much more likely to schedule your meeting for early/mid January by working on it now.

“Check in” before the meeting

People buy from those they like working with. You are trying to build rapport and eventually trust. Some aspects of the meeting to consider “checking in” on after the holidays...

  • Confirm date, time

  • Goals for the meeting

  • Attendees, agenda

This can be done informally via email, text...or...more formally in a brief (e.g. 15 minutes) check in call several days before the meeting. Do what works for the situation.

Taking this approach will help you get next year off to a faster start!

Marc Kitz, Sales Coach


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Stephanie Davis
Stephanie Davis
Dec 06, 2023

This is a great article on the selling process. I reaching out for future clients for our precision supplements & lead therapeutics.. Having goals or scrip works. I am trying to get a lot done also before the end of December. I have to get back to your blog

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